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Efficient and comprehensive web hosting
When you start a business, it is important to spend your money sensibly and to keep costs low. However, you should definitely try to make the most of the money you have. A very good and effective investment is a cheap web hosting package which will become essential to win potential customers for your business. With you can build a multifunctional website for your individual purpose, be it a web shop, a communication platform, or a space for information and advertisement. Why settle for a second best solution with a low cost web hosting package by our competitors, when can offer you so much more?
All Hosting packages includes :
Joomla.phpwcms,ImpressCMS,CMS Made Simple,Open Real Estate,MODX,Concrete5,PHP-Fusion,
Silex,Sitemagic CMS,Jamroom,SiteCake,MaharaFork,Saurus,Pimcore,Tiki Wiki CMS,Groupware,Microweber,Bolt,Fiyo CMSrazorCMS,SeoToaster CMS,Pluck,Kirby,Typesetter,Croogo,Typo3,Bludit,Hotaru CMS,GRAV,Zenario,Open Business Card,PluXml,Cotonti,Anchor,ClipperCMS,appRain,CMSimple,Precurio,Koken,WordPress,Open Blog,Serendipity,Dotclear,b2evolution,Ghost,Textpattern,Nibbleblog,LifeType,Pixie,Nucleus,Chyrp,eggBlog
,PivotX,FlatPress,HTMLy,phpBB, SMF,MyBB,AEF,Vanilla,PunBB, XMB, FluxBB,Phorum,bbPress
,Pixelpost,Plogger,iGalerie,Lychee,Dolphin,Oxwall,Jcow,Elgg,Open Source Social Network,pH7CMS, Beatz
Etano, PeoplePods, Family Connection,LimeSurvey,Piwik, LittlePoll, phpESP, Aardvark Topsites, Advanced Poll, EasyPoll
,and tons other script and software !

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Host 500 Mb
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Short Description

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Video platform
video platform video emded ,upload videos ,registered users

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With skaisat stream you can stream up to 1000 users !

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small tv stream
small tv streaming